Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Closer View

This horned lark was not easy to see because he is the same color as the mud in the newly plowed field he was sitting in.  He was a distance away and I noticed him turning his head here and there so I took a few shots. It wasn't until I got home, zoomed in and cropped the photo, that I could see what he was seeing - a small flying bug had caught his eye.

In life and photography:                                                            
Don't forget to stop and zoom in for a closer view,
the tiniest detail can create a memorable moment. ~~FOTW

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Life and Photography

I enjoy photographing nature and wildlife.  I see many parallels and analogies between my life and wildlife.  This photo of a pooping seagull in flight is a fun way to kick off this blog:

"Awareness is one of the keys to success, 
if you don't see what is coming, you may get pooped on!"~FOTW

This was so true for many of the office meetings that I attended as a systems engineer.  To successfully share my thoughts with the team it was important to always be aware of the needs of my fellow team members, to think outside of the box and merge knowledge with a little intuition in order to be fully prepared to present my ideas so that all points of view could understand and relate to them.  The idea of awareness doesn't only apply to engineering meetings, any situation in which you are trying to communicate your ideas requires you to be aware of how other people perceive what you are saying.

For birdography, awareness is also very important...... and in this case, being prepared by wearing a hat is a pretty good idea.