Friday, May 20, 2016

The Eagle Nest

(Click on photos to zoom in for a closer view)

I have been watching this eagle nest since the middle of February as the parents
take turns preparing the nest, incubating eggs and feeding the babies.  They hatched two babies this year and as you can see from the size of them, they are close to leaving the nest.

The eagles are constantly adding more branches to the nest.  Yesterday while I was taking photos along the river I had an odd experience when an eagle came flying right at me carrying a stick.  He dropped it over my head like one of those planes dropping bombs in the old WWII movies. I stepped back and it hit the ground with a thud, missing me by less than 2 feet. That's when I realized that it was not a stick that bird was carrying, that was a really big tree branch and probably would have done some damage to me if I hadn't moved fast.  I looked it up, an eagle nest can weigh 2 tons, so that might bring the size of those sticks in the photos into more perspective!

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